RON HART: Uber versus Goobers

Published: Thursday, April 3, 2014 at 04:13 PM.

Drunk driving is reduced, and lives have been saved. The system works for the consumer, but not if some politicians have their way.

What is unfolding now with Uber cabs now is the itching attempt by big, urban (a.k.a. Democrat) governments to run them out of business. Government bureaucrats looked at the Uber cab business and realized that something was wrong with it: They were not getting a cut. Too much value was going to the customer!

Government’s grimy hands are everywhere. It is not unusual for me to rent a $19 a day car on Hotwire. The government taxes and fees can total about as much as the car rental charges, and for what? Hertz or Dollar bought the car (paid taxes), registered it (paid taxes), got the car to the airport, booked my reservation, shuttled me to the car or delivered the car to me, and took it back. They pay additional city, state and federal taxes on profits. The government makes more per gallon on your gas than Exxon does. What did government do to deserve almost half of the revenues?

If you think there is not a cabal of government and the cab companies they “regulate,” look no further than New York City . I have traveled there monthly for 30 years now. Why are there no trains to Manhattan from any of the airports? You have to take cabs, and nothing is done to encourage cab sharing to the city. In New York , the only way a cab is "shared" is when a cab breaks down and one New Yorker takes the hubcaps while another steals the tires.

Even the credit card tipping system in taxis starts at 20 percent and only goes higher. Prices are fixed. It’s a quasi-monopoly.

As homage to his taxi lobby and real estate cronies, the first move of new socialist mayor, Bill deBlasio, was to get rid of the city's iconic horse-drawn carriages. The only thing “green” about libs is the money they expect.

NY cabbies drive dangerously. Few taxis have shocks, and they smell. In a cab ride during fashion week in New York , my driver kept introducing his new fragrance.

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