RON HART: War with Syria another Mideast mess

Published: Sunday, September 8, 2013 at 09:26 AM.

President Obama bowed-up last year and said he had a “red line” he would not allow Syria to cross. As a result, and with his massive ego at stake, he feels he has to do something he never does: back up his rhetoric with action.

The Obama regime only knows one way to wage war, and that is to run attack ads in Iowa destroying an opponent’s character. Trying to wage war by invading a country over WMDs has pitted President Obama against his fiercest ideological opponent on the matter, Candidate Obama.

So our war-waging-invading machine has been dispatched to the Middle East to extract a pound of flesh from Syrian president Assad for probably gassing opposition. No penalties yet on this administration sending the IRS to attack Obama’s opposition.

We can’t bomb Syria too much as to displace Assad; then al-Qaida Muslim religious extremists could take over like the Muslim Brotherhood did in Egypt. Instead of cruise missiles and “shock and awe,” Obama might order the Pentagon to spank them with a rolled-up newspaper or spray them with a Windex bottle of water.

As a libertarian who likes to mind his own business, I am not a fan of traipsing across the world and starting a war when we are not directly threatened. It’s costly, ineffective and creates future enemies. This gas attack could have been perpetrated by the rebels Obama is backing in order to induce the U.S. into putting a hurting on their enemy, President Assad. My trust in government is at an all-time low.

If we go to war with Syria, it will be just a proxy war with Syria's allies, Iran-backed Hezbollah factions in Syria and Russia. Vladimir (“Macho Bravado”) Putin likes to go around bare-chested. As any Southerner will tell you, you do not want to fight a redneck who takes off his shirt. There’s no upside.

World War I started after a confusing set of circumstances unfolded: long-standing tensions, militarism, botched diplomacy, and the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria and his wife by a Serbian nationalist. A “comedy” of errors, convoluted alliances and aggressions escalated us into another war.

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