RON HART: Whites on Rice: senators grill ambassador

Published: Thursday, December 6, 2012 at 05:02 PM.

LOS ANGELES — A parade of Republican senators have taken to the microphone to say they are "troubled" after closed-door meetings with potential Secretary of State nominee U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice. She is slated to succeed Hillary Clinton as our top diplomat in the sisterhood of the traveling pantsuit. With a record high 20 women in the Senate, there has never been a better time for pantsuit makers to ramp up.

Rice is making the rounds in meetings with senators to advance her cause. She worked in the Bill Clinton administration, back when “closed-door sessions” with women were actually interesting. 

Republicans are holding Rice’s nomination hostage in an attempt to get some honest answers out of the administration. They want to know who orchestrated the false claims that the 9/11 uprisings in the Middle East were responses to a silly, 13-minute YouTube video and which just happened to occur on "Bring Your Grenade Launcher to Work" day. Apparently, the film critics in Benghazi are the most brutal in the world.

A week after the Benghazi attacks, she should have known the facts better. She is either incompetent or a political shill taking her marching orders from the Obama campaign headquarters in Chicago.

She seems to be about as good a nominee as we will get from Obama. She is well educated, the daughter of a Cornell University economics professor, and she worked for McKinsey Consulting. It's surprising that the Democrats are not calling her "evil" for her Bain-like background.

But Rice is more hawkish than Hillary and, given her honesty issues, I fear she might get us into another war of "choice."

The anti-Muhammad, anti-Muslim YouTube video should rank right up there with the Gulf of Tonkin supposed "attack" and the Domino Theory that lured us into the Vietnam War, and with the weapons of mass destruction and yellow cake lies that got us into Iraq. These are all excellent examples of why we should not believe our government and should mind our own business.

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