Nate Decker connected for four hits to lead Free Agents in a 20-3 win over Emerald Coast Chiropractic in the Coed Division I Softball League at Morgan Sports Center in Destin.

Decker tripled, hit two doubles and a single for two RBIs.

Free Agents jumped out to a 9-0 lead in the first two innings and then picked up one more in the third. In the top of the fifth, they put the game away scoring the 10-run limit. Chiropractic scored three in the bottom of the fifth, but it wasn’t enough to continue.

Jordan Brewer knocked in six runs for Free Agents on a home run shot and two doubles. Tiny Lee tripled and singled for two RBIs, and Brandon Patzig slapped a home run.

Todd Preston and Don Edwards each connected for a double for Chiropractic. Whitney Whidden singled.


Tailfins Merica 25, Clemenza’s Uptown 24

At the end of two innings, the game was tied at 10-10.

In the top of the third, Clemenza’s put up five runs, but Tailfins answered with the 10-run limit.

In the fourth, Clemenza’s scored two and Tailfins one.

Clemenza’s took the lead with seven runs in the top of the fifth. With time running out, Tailfins scored four runs for the win.

Hannah Aspordites led Tailfins with a triple and four singles for three RBIs. Tyler Boyer knocked in six runs on a double and two singles, and Hollie Henderson tripled and hit two singles for four RBIs.

Nelson Campbell hit four singles for four RBIs for Clemenza’s. Chris Moore slapped a home run, triple and a double for five RBIs, and Becky Eiler doubled and singled for three RBIs. Donnie Eiler knocked a home run.


TayGray Photography 25, La Paz 10

TayGray started strong, scoring eight runs in the first and eight in the second for a 16-6 lead. In the third, TayGray added on nine runs. La Paz picked up one in the fourth and three in the fifth. The game was over in five innings.

Marc Bergerstock clobbered a home run and three singles for five RBIs for TayGray. Josh Snyder tripled and hit three singles for an RBI, and Jennifer Phillips tripled and hit two singles for five RBIs. Michael Haynes ripped two home runs.

Jamie DiBenedetto led La Paz with three singles for two RBIs. Missy Wellborn and Lynda Tanner each hit two singles for an RBI.