Some got winded while others were on the floor diving for balls. But in the end, the South Walton Seahawks won on the basketball court.

Thirteen players from past South Walton High girl’s basketball teams showed up Thursday night to take on the team of the future for the South Walton Seahawks in a game that Coach Kevin Craig calls “Has Beens vs. Will Bes.”

And on Thursday, the Will Be’s proved themselves with a 48-35 win over the players of the past.

But the game is more than competition; it’s about fun and seeing familiar faces.

“It’s just to bring the kids back and to have fun. And to recognize the kids that have built this program from the ground up,” Craig said prior to Thursday’s matchup.

The teams played two 20 minute halves with a running clock.

“It’s just a good way for me to get to see them and relive the past and see where they are in their lives now,” Craig said.

And although they joke about it, they love coming back.

“Optional doesn’t mean optional,” Taylor Menard jokingly said when it comes to playing in this game.

Menard was a 2013 graduate and part of the state championship team.

“We’re all too old and we’re not going to make it up and down the court much longer,” one of the Has Been chimed in.

Katie Trejo, who was also on that 2013 state championship team, still had a few good inside the paint shots Thursday night.

“I figured if I was going to die, I might as well die on this court,” Trejo said at the half.

As for 2010 graduate Julie Williamson, she was excited to be back on the floor.

“I felt like my whole life was spent in this gym … so why not come back,” Williamson said.

Francette Warren, a 2015 grad, said she came back for the competition and the fun.

This is the fourth year Craig has hosted the game during the summer. The Has Beens won the first two years and the last two have gone to the Will Be team.