District 4 Commissioner Sara Comander was appointed to the Executive Committee of the Gulf Coast Consortium on Feb. 15. The Gulf Coast Consortium is a unit of local government formed by interlocal agreement among the 23 counties along Florida’s Gulf coast to develop the plan for the Oil Spill Restoration Impact Allocation from BP fines that will come to those counties under the RESTORE Act. The Consortium will participate in the Federal rule development process, and advocate with executive agencies, the FL legislature and the Federal Government.

The interlocal agreement establishes three elective officers: dhairman, vice-chairman and secretary treasurer. The three elective officers were elected on Jan. 18 at a meeting of the Consortium. The three elected officers are required to appoint two other directors to the Executive Committee so the committee would then consist of five members.

“It is an honor to represent Walton County on the Consortium and to be appointed to the executive committee will give me the opportunity to have a voice in representing all the citizens of Florida who were affected by this tragedy,” said Comander. “I appreciate the trust my peers have placed in me and I look forward to the challenge.”