The best description Dannica Lowery can come up with for her music is a blend of folksy, coffee house sounds mixed with a little bit of awesomeness.

The South Walton woman has just started working on her second album and has hopes of touring within the next year. For now, though, the talented guitarist/singer can be spotted at gigs across the Emerald Coast.

"I love singing and sharing my music," Lowery said. "I hope I can do this full-time in the future."

Lowery said she has no plans of signing on with a big music label and says with the new advances in the music industry, she plans to stay small in her production and keep it about the music.

The musician says she sees life not as something to get through, but as something to sing through. According to her website, when life stops making sense, the music makes sense.

Lowery believes that playing for audiences is her calling.

"There is no greater feeling than to bear my soul on these strings and have it appreciated by complete strangers," she said.