Nancy Veldman is living a purposeful life through Magnolia House.

Veldman said her shop at Grand Boulevard has allowed her to meet different people, explore her musical side and promote the five books she has written.

“There comes a time in every woman’s life when you have to decide what to do beyond your career, beyond being a wife or a mother,” Veldman said. “We all have a deeper purpose in our life that will affect everyone and have a lasting effect.

“I found that purpose.”

Veldman, a native of Memphis, Tenn., opened her shop 20 years ago in Seagrove Beach and moved to Grand Boulevard nearly four years ago.

The home accessories store bursts with items in every nook, from the library filled with books to the shelves of pictures, collectibles and other dainty items for the home.

Veldman opened the shop after she moved to Walton County, but said her background and experience left a lot to be desired. After nearly 21 years, she’s figured out how to function and keep her business afloat.

Through the shop, she’s found a way to not only meet customers but to share her passions of writing and music, and to show love to those she meets who are broken and in need of a kind word or prayer.

Veldman said her father passed away a few years ago, and as he was being buried a song came to her. Even though she’d only had short stint of piano lessons, Veldman said she was able to sit down and play the song.

“I have no idea what key I’m playing, but it comes out,” Veldman said. “That music has touched a lot of people.”

Veldman’s piano sounds were shared along the Emerald Coast with individuals, at centers with chemotherapy and radiation patients and in hospitals. She said the music makes the hard times better.

She also has written five books and is working on her sixth.

Through her music and customers, Veldman said she was inspired to do more. She founded Nancy Veldman Ministries, which she said helps cancer patients, single mothers, abused women and men, and other suffering people.

“The music, the novels, the ministry, it is a compelling call on my life,” Veldman said. “This shop is a joy, but it’s made it possible for me to meet so many people and do so many things.”

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