Flock makes plans to fly north, leaving the beaches for the spring breakers.

The end of the snowbird season crept up like a centipede wearing slippers while we were indulging ourselves in a nonstop parade of activities that restore a sense of well-being. These last days! Such a flurry of packing, farewell get-togethers, wishing one another well and making promises to keep in touch.

One way to keep in touch with the Walton County Snowbirds is to refer to the club’s website at www.waltoncountysnowbirds.com. There you will learn, for example, that next year’s always successful ladies luncheon and fashion show will take place on Friday, Feb. 7, two weeks earlier than this year. Also, the Tuesday and Thursday golf leagues will help you reserve a tee time for your group if you contact them via emails posted on the website and it is where book readers will find a list of books selected for discussion next season, the first of which is "The Midwife of Hope River" by Patricia Harmon.

Potlucks mark the final days of each snowbird season. One such affair, accomplished with a moderate degree of formality, occurs annually when the tennis players congregate at the home of Vivek and Diane Likhite to dine and comment on the passing season and to bestow special commendations upon those who advance the cause of tennis. Among those so favored this year was Walt Schumann, informal club herald and all around dispenser of good cheer. The club memorialized Walt’s contribution in a 10-couplet ode penned by Phil Ashley. The Snowbird Singers and the Creative Writers also held festive potlucks while the golf leagues enjoyed a get together in a restaurant where they displayed bonhomie that characterizes golfers everywhere. The Snowbird Singles will hold a farewell event on March 29.

Among those planning to return next season are the newly elected officers of the Walton County Snowbirds; you know, those behind-the-scenes folks who go to Herculean efforts to see that we have meeting places, storage lockers, equipment, plus communication and financial systems in place to get the club up and running from a standing start each November. They are President, Dom Trolian; Past President, Tom Schwichtenberg; Treasurer, John Beach; Assistant Treasurer,  Jolene Girard; Secretary, Irene Hinds; 1st Vice Presidents, Dave Tudman and Kathy Nelson; 2nd Vice Presidents, Jean Weber and Joe Moosekian; At Large Member, Ron Donkers; and Information Officer, Bill Neidel

The Walton County Snowbirds closed its 23rd season with a rousing general meeting. In addition to electing the aforementioned officers, the audience enjoyed a Snowbird Singers concert directed by Katie Ott who assumed directorship of the group in January and promptly won the admiration and affection of chorus members and audiences alike with the production of two concerts, one for the public and another for the snowbird membership. Josette Rhodes-Carroll, a member of the South Walton High School staff, appeared to thank the members for a generous donation of funds for the school’s scholarship program. Nancy Gehrke oversaw the distribution of an abundance of door prizes, including a golf outing won by Gary Graybill of Red Lion, Pennsylvania.

The Creative Writers annually review dozens of original stories authored by its members and then select a few for final evaluation from which one is determined to represent the best of the workshop. This year, Best of Workshop goes to Bob Hendrickson who wrote a story entitled God Works in Mysterious Ways, a sometimes amusing and irreverent account of a woman in a coma. It is posted on the club website at http://www.waltoncountysnowbirds.com.

Hats off to the Mainsail Golfers for giving $110 to the club’s scholarship fund.

Tom Mahar writes for the Walton County Snowbirds and can be reached at tkmahar@aol.com. For Snowbird information, www.waltoncountysnowbirds.com.