YOLO Board wrapped up their local race season by awarding overall series winners for the second annual YOLO Board Mileage Builder Series at Baytowne Marina in the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. The final event on Sept. 8 included a free pre-race clinic, a one-mile race, a four-mile race, a free kidís race and a special appearance by Reid Inouye of Standup Paddle Magazine.

Presented by Sandestin Real Estate and the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort, the Mileage Builder Series featured four individual competition races in May, June, July and September that increased by one-mile increments. More than 100 area standup paddling enthusiasts competed in the series.

Mileage Builder Series Champions by division:

Overall Men - Sean Hughes, first; Kyle Gallagher, second; and Kevin Cook, third.

Overall Women - Jessica D'aleo, first; Theresa Woodley, second; and Michelle Janzcewski, third.

Men 14-foot, 17 and under - TJ Smart, first.

Men 14-foot, 18-49 - Sean Hughes, first; Kyle Gallagher, second; and Kevin Cook, third.

Men 14-foot, 50-plus - Edek Rudski, first; Phil Summers, second; Lance Jorgensen, third.

Women 12-foot-6, 18-49 - Jessica D'aleo, first; Michelle Janzcewski, second; and  Donna Bandy, third.

Women 12-foot-6, 50-plus - Theresa Woodley, first; Laura Talbert, second; and Gina Seton, third.

Men 12-foot-6, 17 and under - Matt Wise, first; Brad Fenn, second; and Jack Archer, third.

Men 12-foot-6, 18-49 - Jeremy Cerrone, first; Joey Curtin, second; and Jason Adamo, third.

Men 12-foot-6, 50-plus - Dale Martin, first.

Men 12-foot Rec, 17 and under - Nicolas San Miguel, first.

 Men 12-foot Rec, 18-49 - Dave Simmons, first; Norbert Nubucz, second; and Mike McAdams, third.  

Men 12-foot Rec, 50-plus Ė Bill Levy, first. 

Women 12-foot Rec, 17 and under - Parker Brammer, first; Lara Medve, second; and Emily Heuflich, third.

Women 12-foot Rec, 18-49 - Karen Henard, first; Gina Gordon, second; and Beata Kundera, third.