Patients have something to brighten their outlook these days when visiting Sacred Heart Hospital on the Emerald Coast.

On the hospital's second-floor landing near the elevators hangs 328 original pieces of artwork created by children from 14 different Walton County schools.

Every piece of artwork is each child's individual visual interpretation of listening to French composer Camille Saint-Saens's "Circus of the Animals."

The venture is part of Rosemary Beach Foundation's "Music in Pictures" in conjunction with Sacred Heart Hospital on the Emerald Coast's Arts in Medicine program.

This is the second year for RBF's Music in Pictures, which began in 2012.

All Walton County schools were invited to participate and educators received their teacherís manuals and musical CDs in September 2012. The 1,300 participating students studied the composer and his musical style then listened to six selections from "Carnival of the Animals." Students were asked to interpret one or more of the selections in a piece of artwork.

The musical adventure produced visual interpretations of "The Royal March of the Lion," "The Aviary," "The Aquarium," "The Kangaroo," "The Elephant," and "The Swan."

Students turned in their work Jan. 9. The pieces were judged by a panel comprised of artists and musician and special awards were dispensed in age-group categories for gold and silver during an awards ceremony at Rosemary Beach.

A panel of judges selected 12 grand-prize winners based upon the interpretation of the music.

"It was wonderful," said art teacher Constance Rogers of Butler Elementary School. "People came from as far away as Mossy Head to be a part of this and we had more schools participating this year."

Rogers had 33 students participating this year in grades 1-4.  

And even though all listened to the same music, most interpreted what they heard differently. Several focused on the beautiful and graceful swans in the music, and several felt moved by the mighty lion or triumphant elephant. But whichever piece was drawn, all compel passersby to stop and admire the renditions put down on paper by the students.

As a result of the project, RBF donated $7,000 to the schools that participated. These included Compass Rose Academy, Emerald Coast Middle School, Freeport Elementary, Freeport Middle School, Maude Saunders Elementary School, Mossy Head School, Ohana Institute, Paxton School, Seaside Neighborhood School, South Walton Montessori, TESLA, Van E. Butler Elementary, Walton Middle School, and West DeFuniak Elementary.

This year, the exhibit is taking a small tour, spending March at businesses in Rosemary Beach and hanging in Wells Fargo bank branches. It will grace the halls of Sacred Heart Hospital on the Emerald Coast through April 28, at which time it will be moved to the Coastal Branch Library and at the Bayou Arts Center.



The art was submitted to Rosemary Beach Foundation in January 2013, and a panel of judges selected 12 grand prize winners based upon the interpretation of the music. 

Mate Thomas, Van R. Butler Elementary, Pre K to K

Jala Thorne, Maude Saunders Elementary, 1st Grade

Lissette Robles, Van R. Butler Elementary, 2nd Grade

Aiden Tidwell, West DeFuniak Elementary, 3rd Grade

Maria Flores, West DeFuniak Elementary, 4th Grade

Connor Price, Maude Saunders Elementary, 5th Grade

Elizabeth Pippin, Paxton School, 6th Grade

Cristian Ciuche, Emerald Coast Middle, 7th Grade

Wylie Martin, Seaside Neighborhood School, 8th to 9th Grades

Joanna LaQuerre, TESLA, 10th to 12th Grades

Malyia Dorsey, Walton Middle School, Masterpiece Award (All Grades)

Justus Castillo, Paxton School, Chairman's Award (All Grades)