Boy Scout Troop 525, DeFuniak Springs, had a weekend campout April 12-14 at Topsail Hill State Park. Saturday evening two teams of Scouts competed in an informal cooking contest dubbed "Cast Iron Chef." Judges for the event were Park Ranger Fred Provost, assisted by Pat and Larry Whitman. The secret ingredient to be prepared was ... potato.

"Team Super Condor" consisted of team captain Jon-Marcel Winchester along with Evan Cowie, Edward Scanlon, Jimmy Franklin, and Shane Heuvelink. The meal prepared was "Mashed Potatoes la Baconburger" with a side of asparagus, and chocolate cake for dessert. The meal was prepared on site including the cake, baked in a Dutch oven.

The teams were judged on taste, presentation, teamwork, workplace cleanliness, and name or theme.

As good as "Team Super Condor" was, they were beaten by "Team One."

Captain Tristen Mason led "Team One" to victory with team members Austin Henning, Darien Mason and Laramie Shover. Scouts Sean and Stefan Weddermann, who were unable to camp, assisted in planning and production with "Team One." The winning meal was "Backyard Cookout" steak, baked potato, salad, and Dutch Oven peach cobbler for dessert.

The winners were awarded bragging rights. The second place team was awarded the responsibility to wash all the dishes for the event.