The California Republic, or ďBear Flag Republic,Ē was an attempt at secession by the people of Sonoma in the mid-19th century. Thereís something about northern California that has inspired many attempts to form a separate state. As long as we can still import their beer, we donít mind. The dominant note in the nose is pine, with some sweetness. Thereís good mouth-feel, with nice carbonation, moderate flavor hops, and pronounced but still soft bitterness. The Racer 5 is lean and restrained for an IPA, but it doesnít lack for character. Itís good for drinkers who like solid bitterness but are put off by the over-the-top West Coast hop character of many IPAs. Cost is $11.49 for a six-pack. For more information, visit any Chanís Wine World location in Destin and South Walton.