Jason Kuhn, of Move Strong Destin, does more than call out exercise steps while clients desperately plead for a break. Instead, he creates success by transforming the body and mind.

"I really consider myself a health and fitness professional," said Kuhn. "My training goes way beyond the normal workouts. I incorporate everything needed for a client to become successful in reaching their goals."

Since starting his fitness business, Kuhn has always had goals of expanding. And in a few weeks, Move Strong Destin will take up residence in Miramar Beach. What started out as beach boot-camps has become a fitness center equipped with enough space to hold group sessions and filled with fitness equipment waiting to be used. Kuhn still hosts boot camps as well as coaching one-on-one and small group training sessions.

As Move Strong Destin continues to grow, Kuhn is looking to hire new faces, but that won't mean he'll stop working.

"I just love what I do and I wouldn't have it any other way," he said.

Certified through The International Sports and Science Association (ISSA) for the past 11 years, Kuhn still regularly attends training seminars and programs every year to keep up with the ever changing trends in fitness. He incorporates those trends and the tried-and-true routines into his training for clients, noting that everybody and every body is different.

"Our group consists of pretty much all ages, male and female of all different fitness levels," Kuhn said.

As a trainer, part of Kuhn's job is to get to know his clients and their goals.

"I learn to know pretty much everything about a client and that is what helps me help them become successful in their fitness journey," he said.

Even with the expansion, Move Strong Destin, aims to keep group sessions small to help develop and customize the proper regimen for each individual.

"Classes at most big box gyms are not customized and half the time the trainer doesn't know anything about the people they are teaching, and sometimes they don't even know their name," Kuhn said. "We bring a very personalized, friendly feeling to all of our team members."

Move Strong Destin will not just take on any client, instead Kuhn looks for dedicated individuals ready to work hard.

"Our success rate is high because we make sure our clients are ready to fully commit and work their butts off," he explained. "As long as a member is fully committed, we will do everything to help them."

As a business owner and father of five small children, Kuhn's not too tolerant of excuses. He even joked that trainers will stalk and harass clients for missing sessions and veering from their fitness plans.

"Stalking and harassment is at no extra charge; it's included in the training," he said.

With the business expansion, Kuhn and his Move Strong Destin employees are looking forward to helping even more people in the area to live healthy lifestyles.

"And, of course, I can't wait to see our current team continue to crush their current goals and have them set new ones to reach," he said. "Our mission is simple to help as many people as possible have the body and health that they want and deserve."