The 30A community is full of dog lovers as they are seen in abundance happily coupled as they stroll up and down 30A.

Those dog owners now have access to a new upscale grooming boutique located on 30A.

The mother-daughter team of Bonnie and Shea Soroka have opened Shaggy To Chic Dog Grooming & Boutique in Blue Mountain Beach next to Marie's Bistro and across from For the Health of It.

The Sorokas offer full grooming services that include specialty baths, all-natural flea dips, fur cuts and styles, nail trimming, nail grinding, and even blueberry facials for discerning and pampered pups.

"We give them a lot of TLC and take our time,” said Bonnie. “We realize we're new to the dog and he's new to us and we want it to be a good experience."

In addition, the shop also carries many other items a dog owner might need, such as leashes, collars, a variety of shampoos for different skin conditions, brushes, combs, sweaters, all-natural insect repellent, and dental care products.

Bonnie said the shop only carries all-natural products.

The boutique also offers two all-natural pet supplements to help support cardiovascular health and assist in the treatment of allergies, arthritis, cancer, and rheumatism, working as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, to minimize inflammation and discourage the “itch and scratch” response that can weaken skin and expose it to infection. Free samples are available.

The Soroka's two Shih Tzus, Kobi and Kato think they are treats, said Bonnie.

One procedure Soroka offers that should be popular this time of year is a de-shedding shampooing and conditioning that helps in the removal of a dog's underfur, which he tries to rid himself of in hot summer months. The Sorokas invite you to bring your dog in for a professional de-shedding and grooming.

"We have advanced training in hair removal techniques and in the use of specialized tools for that," said Bonnie. "We use specially formulated shampoos and coat conditioning that allow us to remove more of the unwanted hair than ordinary brushing can not do. There is a lot involved and it is quite messy and time consuming, but it surely gets rid of a lot of loose hair. You will see a dramatic reduction in the amount of unwanted hair on your pet and in your home."

The Soroka family moved here nine years ago to be closer to family.

Bonnie's parents have lived here for 25 years and her mother, Dorothy Starbuck, was selected by the Walton County Tourist Development Council as their first Artist of the Year for 2002-2003. The Sorokas had visited from South Florida and owned a vacation home here previously.

With the move, Bonnie's husband, Brian, opened Family Chiropractic in Grayton.

Bonnie said that opening a dog grooming boutique has been her daughter's dream since high school and the mother/daughter duo decided to attend dog grooming school in Tampa together.

"As soon as the clipper was put in my hand, I loved it," she said. "It's the optimal scenario for us."

Shaggy to Chic Dog Grooming & Boutique opened June 10.

The shop is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more information call 714-3723, or find them on Facebook at ShaggyToChicDogs.