What is an outdoor cat supposed to do when the rains just won't stop coming?

Miles is a Santa Rosa Beach feline resident who has used the great outdoors for his toiletry needs for all of his 11 years.

However, since South Walton has experienced a monsoon season of almost non-stop rain this July, Miles has felt the need to alter his habits.

"The yards have been so flooded that he didn't want to go out,” says owner Chase Johnson.

 Miles learned early on how to urinate in the toilet, says Johnson, but only occasionally — that is until the Fourth of July weekend.

"I did not train him to use the toilet; he just does it," said Johnson. "He used to prefer to go out, but now he only uses the toilet. And after he finishes he wipes the seat with his paw like he is covering it up in a litter box."

Johnson is not sure whether Miles' change of habits occurred due to the massive rainy season or the fireworks that might have frightened him. Maybe a combination of the two are to blame. All she knows is that these days, Miles only pees in her toilet.

Johnson has owned Miles since his kitten days when a friend found a litter of kittens in her bushes that included Miles.

"For a long time I thought I had a ghost, and it was freaking me out because I would find urine in the toilet and it wasn't from me,” said Johnson.  “Then, one day I caught him using it."

Flash forward more than a decade and the stormy summer of 2013 forced Johnson to buy something she has never owned before — a litter box. It turns out that Miles’ toilet etiquette does not extend to No. 2. Miles was never trained to use a litter box either, but once presented with one, he seemed to know instinctively what to do. 

"Miles has changed a lot in the last month," says Johnson. "Maybe it's his age, or the fireworks, or the flooding.”