Move over cupcakes, there's a new pastry craze to Instagram. 

Ever since the New York City-based Dominique Ansel Bakery debuted the cronut, a donut/croissant hybrid, donut recipes have become popular throughout blogs and social media. And just in time, 30A has a new donut shop.

The family-owned and operated Donut Hut has been open about a month, and the store's bakers can hardly keep up with the donut demands of their customers.

"Everything we make is sold out in just a few hours," said owner Russell Stegemann.

Stegemann, a self-processed "donut guy," decided to open up shop to fill the donut void on 30A.

"Up until now, it's just been the Donut Hole," Stegemann said. "I kept putting the idea of a donut shop on the back burner until I thought, 'Let's make everybody happy.' Donuts are very American iconic everybody loves coffee and donuts."

Donut Hut bakers hand-make their donuts and beignets every morning from scratch using only the finest ingredients, Stegemann said. Donuts are made on the hour so that customers only receive the freshest orders.

Baking for over 10 years, Justinn Kurtz has added her own special magic, as Stegemann calls it, to the Hut's menu. From plain glazed to chocolate to key lime filling, there's a flavor for every palette. And be sure not to miss the specially crafted Maple Grayton Baycon Donut, which includes maple icing and chunks of real bacon, yet another food craze.

In the future, Stegemann and co-owner Kevin McKee, hope to expand the Donut Hut with more locations and a broader menu. While opening a donut shop was a longtime dream, creating jobs and proprietorship is just the icing on the cake donut, Stegemann said.

Until there's several locations to scour, make sure to visit Donut Hut early to get your first pick of hot donuts.