I just wanted to let you know that I truly enjoyed Deborah Wheeler’s sweet column in The Sun recently about Brett's wedding. Your excitement and pride have been evident the last few weeks in your Facebook photos and postings, in addition to the heartfelt recollection of the wedding week. I felt like I was right there on the sidelines watching it all unfold.

I also wanted to say I enjoyed your piece on the two young girls and the "Peace, Passion, Positivity" business in the same edition. Obviously, these young ladies are being raised by responsible parents and will grow up with an appreciative outlook and approach to life. It was refreshing! The article really resonated with me because I wear a wristband everyday that reads "Thoughts become things ... choose the good ones."

Adopting that mindset helped get me through Stage 4 throat cancer five years ago, and I have since shared more than a hundred of these wristbands with others who face challenges of any sort  — health, career, relationship, financial, etc. The world needs more hope (especially these days, it seems).

I always enjoy reading The Sun but last week's issue was particularly enjoyable, thanks to your two pieces (in addition to Party Line, of course), Skip Foster's introductory column and Ronnie McBrayer's wonderful, spot-on column about cancer warriors.

Keep up the great work ... and congratulations to the "mother of the groom!"


Pete Foley

Marietta, GA and Santa Rosa Beach