I have lived in the Overbrook subdivision of Fort Walton Beach for more than three years.  In recent months, I can't help but notice that there is a Walton County Sheriff's Cruiser parked in a driveway as you enter my neighborhood. The Walton County line is 20 miles from here! What is a Walton County cruiser doing 20 miles out of its county of jurisdiction?

I rarely see this car NOT in the driveway! I'm sure Walton County taxpayers would love this. What's the justification? A crime deterrent? That's laughable! 

Anyone around here planning a crime knows that the car rarely moves and it has a big old WALTON COUNTY reflective sticker on the side! DUH!

I can see no justification for this abuse of taxpayer money. Now I have to deal with our sheriff asking for a $5 million budget.  I wonder how many of OUR cars are parked miles from their respective jurisdiction? This reeks of abuse.


Al Alvarado

Fort Walton Beach