Many visitors to our beaches who have come here for a long time have a number tucked away in their phone to call once they’re in town. A call to this number ensures them a zero wait time for dinner at their favorite cafe, an opportunity to meet other interesting people over cocktails, and a seat at Eric Bloom's table.

Bloom has been cooking intimate dinners in his home for small groups of people weekly since 1994.

For a seat at his table, there is no wait, as all of the evening's 24 diners show up at the same time.

On arrival, each is served a glass of wine and given the opportunity to get to know the others who are arriving and with whom they will be sharing the evening's meal. If a guest prefers beer, that is also available.

"It's like a dinner party at someone's home," said Eric's wife, Julie Bloom, "and everyone eats the same thing. We base the menu around what everyone can eat and buy accordingly and according to what is in season. The planning for the meal begins when you call for reservations."

For one set price, each diner gets the evening's featured salad, entree, dessert, and a bottle of wine that complements the entree.

Sometimes the salad is topped with fruit instead of having a separate dessert, and if it is a large dinner party, the cafe can offer a meal of surf and turf. Many of the greens are grown in the Bloom's own garden.

If the occasion is celebration of a birthday, diners are encouraged to bring a birthday cake for everyone to enjoy.

Julie said even though they have a license to feed 40, they usually limit it to 24 for the sit-down dinners.

Every diner is served the same meal and each meal comes with a bottle of wine for the set price of $75.

After Labor Day, the Blooms will begin serving brunch featuring omelets, hand-ground sausage, and special gourmet selections. Bloody Marys and mimosas are available.

Reservations are required for dinner, said Julie.

"We need reservations in by noon for dinner as we buy and cook especially for the group that's coming," she said. "We stay busy year around, although July and August are slow because we don't allow children. Everyone must be adults over the age of 21." 

Cash and personal checks are accepted, but no credit cards.

Bloom's Cafe is located just east of the County Roads 393 and 30A intersection, and takes dinner reservations for Thursday through Saturday nights by calling 267-1834.

For more information visit the website at