In all likelihood, paradise lost will replace the once title of "paradise" to describe the area. This transition will surely take place with the deliberate destruction that continues. South Walton has been unyielding in keeping with the aesthetics desired for Walton County.

Apparently, Destin and Okaloosa County have not followed their neighbor’s preservation guidelines. In days gone by, a drive over the Destin Bridge was breathtaking and a sight to remember. Present day, it still takes your breath and a sight to see, but for different reasons. 

The view at times is obstructed by banner pulling helicopters and a large floating flat screen bobbing in the water. Although, your attention may be temporarily diverted by the floating stripper pole with Crab Island as its stage.

Where are the clowns? Obviously, Cirque Du Soleil is performing on the harbor, the zip line is in place. Warning South Walton, is the circus coming to your town? There is talk of a Ferris wheel.


Sylvia Williams