Ever since our library ceased Saturday hours several years ago due to budget constraints, it has bothered me each time I go by the library, unable to be used at all on weekends.

Now apparently money has been found to let the Coastal Branch of the library be open on Saturdays, pending BCC approval.

Please, if that is to occur, it is just as necessary and perhaps more so that our library in DeFuniak once again be open on Saturday mornings as it used to be. The library is one of the beautiful landmarks in our town, and it serves the needs of people young and old, rich and poor. Not having the library open on Saturday mornings is a detriment to our community for resident and visitor alike.

If the Coastal Branch library is to be open on Saturdays, we in DeFuniak deserve no less than to have our library's Saturday morning hours returned to us as well.

Maureen Daly

DeFuniak Springs