Great businesses start out with a need and a great idea. Grant Blackwell and his son JD have come up with a fantastic idea and product for residents of South Walton County.

Grant is best known for being the owner of the largest insurance agency in town (Coastal Insurance), and he is affectionately known as "The Mayor of Grayton Beach."

Through a special buying arrangement they purchase floor models from stores like Macy’s and other fine home furnishing stores.  Many of these mattresses retail from $2,000 to over $5,000, but 30A Mattress Club sells them for as much as 80 percent off with daily prices from $699 to $1,299.

The communities all along 30A and in South Walton have some of the finest examples of homes in the south. To get the quality these fine homes call for, homeowners are often forced to purchase their mattresses out of town and have them shipped to their new homes. They also pay much more for the same products that they can now buy here in the community.

"I did not want to own just another mattress store. There are plenty of those around,” Grant Blackwell said. “I wanted to do something truly special. I recognize that regardless of one's financial stature, everybody likes a great deal. Our mattresses are among the best money can buy. We can sell estate quality mattresses like Stearns & Foster Estate Euro Elite or Sealy Posturepedic Reserve for less than folks can buy much lower quality mattresses for."

"The reason I call it Grant Blackwell's 30A Mattress Club is I want people that know me and those that don't to be assured that I am going to personally assure and guarantee that they are satisfied. If we deliver a mattress and the client wants something different, we will swap it out, no questions asked."

The club in 30A Mattress Club is another unique idea.

Anybody can be a club member. Each club member is issued a member number. If they tell a friend or customer about the store and give them their club member number, the person buying the mattresses gets an additional discount, and the club member gets a commission check in the mail. This is great for anybody wanting to make extra money, but can be substantial for Realtors, homebuilders, housekeeping managers and, of course, interior designers. They are compensated in every case.

The last thing a new homeowner wants is stress over buying mattresses.

“Since 30A Mattress Club’s products are so spectacular, selecting mattresses is easy,” Blackwell said. “We have come up with a comfort touch formula rating and in 10 minutes we can help new mattresses buyers select their new mattresses often without even seeing them.”

 And with Grant's personal satisfaction guarantee, there is no risk.

“We deliver the mattresses, set them up and when the client gets to their new home, everything is done,” he said.  

30A Mattress Club is located at 4942 Hwy. 98 in the Village at Santa Rosa shopping center. (In the same shopping center as Don Pedros and next to Hungry Boards Surf Shop). Please call Grant Blackwell any time at 850-699-8088 or visit their unassuming store/warehouse anytime and visit with JD . Private appointments available.