She's done it again.

Regina Jaquess, 29, of Santa Rosa Beach has brought home yet two more gold medals this time from the World Games in Cali, Columbia.

Skiing as part of team USA, Regina captured the gold in slalom and jumps a few weeks ago.

"It was great," Regina said, noting she was one of six skiing for team USA. Out of the six skiers, three were from the Panhandle, Adam Pickos of Santa Rosa Beach and Andrew Adkinson of Chipley.

"The competition was from all over the world," she said. "I had a lot to beat, but I came out really well."

The USA had only one skier in each event with Regina taking on slalom and jump.

"It was a real honor just to make it to the games," said Regina, who's been skiing since age 2. "Slalom is my strongest."

Regina holds the current world record in slalom, skiing "3 at 41-feet off."

In 2010, Regina tied the World Record in slalom that had been held by Kristi Overton Johnson for 14 years.

"Later that year I broke it and have held it ever since," she said.

In addition to her recent World Game accomplishments, Regina has a long list of accomplishments such as two-time World Overall Champion, two-time World Slalom Champion, World Trick Champion, four time World Slalom Record Holder, and two time World Overall Record Holder to name a few.

Setting records is nothing Regina takes for granted.

"It's hard to be at the top. You don't have a goal to chase," she said. However, "You have to keep looking behind because you always have three or four in the hunt right on your heels."

To stay current and on top of her game, Regina will be competing this weekend in Jackson, Miss.

"I'll try to bump up my world record there," she said.

Regina, who's been skiing before she could swim, skies in about two tournaments a month.

She also skies every morning before going to work at Emerald Coast Compounding pharmacy, where she is a pharmacist and owner.

She hits the ski lakes at The Pickos Ski and Wakeboard School in Santa Rosa Beach about 7: 30 a.m. and can be found at the pharmacy from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at their new location on Hwy. 393, less than a half-mile from County Road 30A.

Regina's compounding pharmacy was located at Gulf Place, but recently made the move to 393.

"It's a lot bigger," she said, noting it's almost double the size of their old location.

"It's been great and we have great visual space," she said. "To be a business owner in the community that's so unique is great.