When most people meet Betty and Colleen Krika, they tend to think that they’re a mother-daughter duo. The way they interact with one another surely points to closeness, but it’s one that can take you by surprise. Betty is Colleen’s mother-in-law, and the two have been working together for four years now.

Colleen married Betty’s son, David, and the two have always been very close. Family is important to both of them, and during the holidays they are known among their group to talk real estate. Recently, Betty’s granddaughter, Abby, was quick to call her out, “All you people talk about is real estate!”

This makes Betty and Colleen laugh. “That’s who we are!”

Betty’s son and Abby’s father, Peter, is a real estate agent in Chicago. You could say that it’s a family business. Other members of the family have also gone down the real estate path in other parts of the country.

Betty has been in real estate for 12 years, Colleen for eight years. Colleen’s husband, David, is in property management. Both of them couldn’t be happier with their careers, families, and lifestyles. Betty loves taking her grandkids to the beach, and can’t get enough of the beautiful South Walton sunsets. Colleen enjoys taking her bike cruiser out on the 30A paths whenever she can.

Colleen is a native Floridian, from DeFuniak Springs, and she brings what Betty calls “the southern charm” to the duo. 

“I’m from Chicago, and can be fairly straight and to the point. Colleen is soothing,” said Betty.

The real estate market is improving; therefore all aspects of the real estate market are increasingly competitive.

“We’re a team,” said Colleen, “and by working together we bring a strength to our clients that we wouldn’t be able to provide if we worked independently.”

Where there is typically only one perspective in a transaction or situation, their partnership offers a “two-for-one.” Another benefit to the duo? Someone is always reachable. If the client cannot reach Betty, they are confident that Colleen is available.

Not only have these two accomplished success as a team, but also by being a multi-generational family team, they can bring a special dynamic to the table that is the envy of many agents. The saying “don’t mix family with business” does not apply to Betty and Colleen. 

Betty and Colleen have found a niche in the South Walton real estate market, and note that they have begun to sell homes to the children of past and current clients. This trend is continuing to develop into a true reflection of their core business — referrals from past clients.

“The greatest compliment a Realtor can receive is the referral. When that referral is a child or family member, it is personal and the ultimate compliment. It is the basis of our business,” added Betty.

Royce Mitchell, Broker for Prudential Real Estate, has worked with Betty for over 10 years. He has first-hand experience of her ability and reach.

"I will never forget the day that I completed the renovation, and finally was in the process of moving into my new home in Santa Rosa Beach. As I was unpacking boxes, I received a knock on the door. There stood Betty asking me if I was interested in selling my home. Needless to say, Betty successfully negotiated a great deal for everyone, and I was again packing boxes. It was the start of many great things to come. That type of relationship is typical of Betty and Colleen," added Mitchell.  "Once you work with them, they become friends."

Betty and Colleen can be reached at Prudential PenFed's 30A Office most days working to find their clients the best deal possible. The office is located at 7684 W. County Road 30A in Santa Rosa Beach and can be reached by phone at 850-267-0013. Visit their website at fl.penfedrealty.com.

Though family connects them, their clients and friends all know this — they are a professional real estate team that always provides top-notch service and never compromise on quality.  They epitomize the concept of a “real estate team.”