David Adamson has been in business in Lynn Haven since 1992. On July 15, he opened a second designer jewelry gallery in Seacrest.

"I have quite a few customers out this way and was doing quite a few house calls out here. There seemed to be a need for fine jewelry out this way, so when a customer recommended this location, it seemed like a perfect fit," said Adamson.

Adamson specializes in old world, hand-made jewelry that are one-of-a-kind classic designs.

When creating a piece of jewelry, Adamson relies on a computer-aided design system that permits him to design and create his jewelry in minute detail. The system also allows his customers to see a full 3D photograph of the design they are requesting prior to its creation, which permits changes to be made in the design stage, so the customer always get exactly what they desire with no surprises.

Not only does he design jewelry using a microscopic welding system, Adamson can repair the most delicate jewelry and gemstones that traditionally would be damaged by the high heat of a torch flame.

He also offers jewelry appraisal and watch and repair service, and carries authentic reworked Rolex watches that come with a warranty.

Pearl restringing and the popular pearls on leather custom pearl and bead necklace designs are all offered at his shop, designed by his wife, Maria, using Tahitian and fresh-water pearls.

However, 75 percent of Adamson's business comes from his redesign services where customers bring in old outdated jewelry in need of an update.

"We do all the work ourselves, offering a tremendous savings and at a fraction of the cost," he said.

Adamson said when things settle down from his grand opening, he will be designing a couple of new exclusive lines. One will be high end using solid gold, platinum, and gem stones and another more affordable line featuring localized beach charms that can be added to charm bracelets.

David Adamson Designer Jewelry is a family owned and operated business. Adamson is a second-generation jeweler whose father was a master watchmaker and jeweler in Pomona, Calif.

"He worked at a time when we didnt have high-tech gadgetry and if you needed a custom item you just had to make it by hand," he said. 

Adamson started accompanying his father to work at a young age and developed a love for watches and jewelry. 

"My father was a very intelligent, kind and patient man and he took the time to teach and explain every aspect of how things worked and why," said Adamson.

As a teen he helped his father at the family store and thanks to his father's training he became proficient at a young age. At his father's urging, Adamson apprenticed with a good friend of his Dad's who was an old-time jeweler. He made Adamson do everything by hand. 

"At the time I really hated doing all of it by hand, but the friend told me that some day I would thank him for teaching me to make jewelry by hand," he remembers. 

Five and a half years later Adamson went out on his own as a master jeweler.

"And yes, I do thank him, for now I could make anything," Adamson said. 

After two robberies at his store in California, Adamson thought it best to move his family to a more peaceful place. 

"We found Lynn Haven much by accident and fell in love with the people and the area. More than two decades later, I am still here and doing what I do best and where I love to be," he said.

David Adamson Designer Jewelry is located in The Alexander building in Seacrest next to Consign Mint Boutique.

He is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Call 387-4645 for more information.