So I run along our 30A bike path several times per week. Itís a great place to run and you canít beat the scenery. However, lately I have noticed a disturbing trend that we need to address.

The amount of litter that you see up and down 30A is crazy. I remember years ago stopping during a run to pick up a piece of paper or a can because it was the ONLY piece of trash on the side of the road.
Yesterday in the five miles that I covered running I saw countless beer bottles and cans, cigarette packs, fast food bags, soda cups, papers and even a whole bottle of wine.

Itís beyond me why people litter in the first place ... itís totally lazy and disrespectful.

I would be willing to help clean up our beautiful beach highway, but itís gonna take a lot of us to make an impact. You never used to see the roadside looking this way and if we donít do something soon I am afraid that our idyllic little town is gonna look just like any other trash strewn place.


Shelly Swanger

Santa Rosa Beach