Q: How long have you been involved in martial arts?

A:  I've been studying martial arts for over the last 30 years. I started teaching in the Emerald Coast when I moved here in 2000, and opened my full-time academy Centerline Martial Arts in Miramar Beach in 2007.


Q: What types of programs do you offer?

A: We offer Wing Chun Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Youth Defense, Bi Monthly Free Women's Self Defense, and annual training trips to Hong Kong and China.  We have a great staff teaching classes and private lessons six days a week on both practicing and competitive levels.


Q: Did you say trips to Hong Kong?

A:  Yes every year I take students with me to Hong Kong and China to train with my colleagues and my teacher Ip Ching. There's actually a movie out in theaters now about my teacherís father Ip Man, called "The Grandmaster." I haven't seen it yet.  But I hear wonderful things.


Q: Can you tell me about any awards or accomplishments you have have achieved?

A: Sure. In 2002 I was invited as a U.S. representative for the opening of the Ip Man Tong in Foshan, China, and my name was entered into the museum.  Shinja Martial Arts University awarded me Wing Chun Instructor of the Year for 2011 and 2012.  Action Martial Magazine awarded me in 2012 for my contributions to martial arts. And this year I was entered in the Black Belt Hall of Fame 2013 through Eastern International Martial Arts Association. 


Q: What would a potential student expect from your teaching style.

A:  I teach all walks of life, so I try to teach each student as an individual based on their personality. I strive hard to get the information to people in an easy to understand method so they see results quickly.  Although that is down to how hard the student practices. And I'm big on putting the work in. I'm also very big on family.  There are different martial arts styles taught here, but everyone is one big family.  We spend a lot of time together outside of the gym as we do in the gym. This is very important to building relationships with your classmates. Another thing they can expect is giving back to the community.  We just finished a food drive for Harvest House of Destin last month. There's a lot more to martial arts than punching and kicking.  I tell my youth class a Shaolin saying all the time. "Weak mind, weak fist. Strong mind, no need fist." The study of martial arts should ultimately teach how to be a better person.


Q: How would people contact you if they wanted more information

A:  They can visit my website and www.centerlinewingchun.com. Or they can come by the academy at 10859 Emerald Coast Pkwy. Suite 403. Behind the IHOP in Miramar Beach.