In recent months, Walton County Commissioners have been floating various changes to parking and outdoor event ordinances. The changes are so wide sweeping, that more than 130 local business owners formed an association to voice their concerns and offer alternatives to county problems.

The Walton County Small Business Association is now calling on commissioners to form a Blue Ribbon Committee with officials from segments of the community such as the South Walton Fire District, the Walton County Sheriff's Office, the Tourist Development Council, the County Commission, and the Walton County Small Business Association.

Gary Shipman, spokesperson for the Walton County Small Business Association said, “We want to be part of the solution and contribute to the conversation. There are certain issues in the county that need to be addressed, but the recent proposed changes will not fix the problem, and will hurt businesses in the area. By forming this Blue Ribbon Committee, all voices can be heard. Under a proper study of the issues, solutions can be developed that will address the problems without being destructive to the business community and the county’s economy.”

Formed in September 2013, the Walton County Small Business Association is an organization of small business owners in Walton County whose purpose is to serve as a conduit of information concerning issues that impact small businesses in Walton County and to provide a collective voice for the business community.