Seaside, the highly celebrated birth place of new urbanism, is ahead of the curve again with its rental management model.

The Homeowner's Collection works hand-in-hand with the town's cottage owners to professionally and uniquely manage and market rental cottages, as well as the Seaside Chapel.

It was in late 2011 that Seaside owner, Max Watson, had noticed that there needed to be a change in the beach community's rental management. Instead of third-party operators managing the town's rentals, Watson thought Seasiders who rent out their cottages should own the company that represents them. And to help carry-out that mission, he called upon Amy Wise-Coble, a local hospitality professional with 20 years experience.

"He felt this was the best way to protect the Seaside brand," Wise-Coble said of the unique management system.

The system seems to be working.

"Our cottage rental return is up 35 percent over the prior year," said Steven Rivelis, a Seaside homeowner who is a shareholder, and on the Board of Directors of Homeowner's Collection.

It's not dollar signs that motivate the Homeowner's Collection, however.

"This group is not driven by bottom-line profit," Wise-Coble said. "The number one priority is proper marketing and representation of the brand. We take pride in not treating our cottages owners or community as a commodity. We work very hard to protect the brand of Seaside, and it is prevalent in every marketing tool that we use. It is this philosophy that will ensure that the community maintains the mystique it has built in the minds of our customers over the years.

The Homeowner's Collection has more than 30 rentals available for your Seaside stay each one unique and beautifully designed.

What sets Homeowner's Collection apart from other rental management companies is personal attention, Wise-Coble said.

Two weeks prior to their arrival, guests receive a phone call from the concierge service Homeowner's Collection partners with EC Concierge   to discuss any special needs they might have. Whether you would like the fridge stocked before your arrival, a beach chair or golf cart rental or even if you need to reserve a babysitter,EC Concierge takes the planning out of your vacation, allowing you to relax and fully enjoy your stay. A week before their visit, guests receive an e-mail with details of their stay including cottage access codes.

"On the day of their arrival, we greet them at the cottage," Wise-Coble said. "We are on-call throughout their stay. It's very personalized and upholds the expectations that come with the brand."

What's great about the Homeowner's Collection business model is that it could work anywhere.

"It's a model that can certainly be duplicated in other communities," Wise-Coble said.

For more information or to book your next stay in Seaside, call (855) 411-1557 or visit