Unless Iíve missed it in other articles, I havenít in my 12 years of living in South Walton heard of the bridge at Big Redfish Lake experiencing stormwater issues until recent developments, which are actually higher than the bridge.

Walton County has a code that ALL stormwater is to be maintained on each ownerís property, usually under the residence to perk back into the ground under one's house or place of business. This also applies to subdivisions that must maintain their own run-off.

I have driven by the area during rainy days. Pavers coming all the way to 30A donít allow the water to perk back into the ground and it runs into the ditches on its way to the area that washed out. Sounds to me like somebody else is responsible ó  specifically developers or the county for approving the design, but definitely not me.

Come on commissioners. Put the blame where blame goes. Quit trying to fix everything with new money and start checking for the actual cause and assessing fines to places or the county inspectors who signed off on the work.

Somebody is definitely at fault here, and it's not the 99.5 percent of Walton County residents who will probably end up footing the bill through higher taxes!

Itís getting to the point that we are spending more in taxes than I take home. Gas taxes, grocery taxes, taxes fee and surcharges, underground wire charges, etc. etc. etc.

I think you get my point.


John Fletcher

Santa Rosa Beach