I understand you will be covering the witches event on 30-A this morning. I'm writing regarding the portion of the event that occurs at Butler Elementary. While we can all appreciate a day of fun and celebration on behalf of charity it is the feeling of many parents that the community would be better served if their ride did not include a visit to Butler Elementary. I have four children at Butler and I personally find the display troubling. As a parent I would think common sense would tell us it might not be the best idea to greet our children as they arrive at a place where we want them to feel safe and secure with witches making frightening gestures often wearing and carrying items that are not appropriate for children. I respect their right to celebrate the day as they see fit and hope the fundraising effort is successful. I also hope they will respect my right as a parent to look out for the interest of my children.

A copy of this email will be going to the witches group, other media outlets, the Children's Volunteer Health Network, school officials and other interested parties in hopes that it would simply encourage a change of venue next year. We hope your reporting will also share a balanced view of this matter.

Many thanks,
Chris Storey