Houston Anthony Berryman was born Tuesday, Nov. 12, which means he had the special birthday, 11-12-13.

Although his mother, Dana, gave birth via C-section and had the date planned for months, she didn't notice the special birth date until after the fact.

"I didn't even realize until two weeks after I made the appointment," Dana said.

This is Dana and husband Brandon's third son. Their eldest, Antoine, is 12 and their second child, Branson, is in heaven, Dana said. The name Houston pays a special tribute to her late son, as Branson's middle name was Houston.

"It's a family name on my husband's side," she said. "And the name Anthony is a family name on my side of the family."

Six-pound Houston is a good baby, his mom proudly says. He provides plenty of entertainment for big brother Antoine.

"He loves being a big brother," she said. "He tickles him all the time."