As Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort welcomes hundreds of rental owners this weekend, the company will be reporting several positive developments.

2013 has been a good year of progress for Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort in key operational areas. These developments can be attributed to the resort’s capable rental management team, high quality marketing and sales efforts, an effective and well-trained reservations department, good customer service and a loyal customer database of more than 160,000 people.

Rental owner revenue has increased significantly in 2013. Additional revenue increases are expected for next year due to increased activity in group business and weddings.

“Sandestin has a dedicated team of managers that rental owners can rely on and trust to provide superior financial results and care of their home as if it were their own,” said Amanda Ferguson, director of Sandestin Rental Management. “We see our rental owners not only as our clients, but as our business partners in success. Team Sandestin has worked diligently with the Rental Advisory Committee in 2013 to bring many improvements to the Sandestin rental program.”

Program advancements in the past year have included:

• A reduction in amenity fees.

• An owner referral program that rewards rental owners. 

• A multi-unit incentive program that financially recognizes rental owners with multiple units in the rental program.

• A unit upgrade incentive program, that was introduced last December, has been very successful with nearly 300 rental owners.

• Implementation of new bedding package, at no additional cost to rental owners, to be fully implemented resort wide by March 2014.

• Reduction of hourly rates on labor charges.

• More than doubled the number of staff members in the rental management team .

• 2013 unit inspections for each of the 1,250 rental units are being performed by each rental manager.

“Based on feedback from many of our homeowners, we are delighted that we have met and in many cases exceeded rental homeowner expectations this year,” said Mark Hodgdon, senior vice president and general manager at Sandestin.

For example Steve Jager from Birmingham said, “I began visiting Sandestin at the age of 15 with my family. Five years ago, I bought my first investment property at Sandestin. I have tried working with other management companies, but no one was able to offer the revenue, service, and peace of mind as the team at Sandestin Rental Management. It is great knowing I have a team of property managers I can count on.”

Another owner Dr. Walter Wildstein agreed. 

“I have been a client of Sandestin Rental Management for more than a decade,” he said. “I have eight rental properties under their management. Managing my diversified portfolio of properties has not been an easy task. My rental income over the years has steadily increased, as has the quality of property improvements. I am a demanding owner. Sandestin Rental Management has made my life more pleasant by greatly reducing my rental responsibilities. The rental management team is well qualified, caring, and dedicated to satisfying the needs of both the renter and the homeowner.”

As part of this weekend’s event, Sandestin has published a 2013 Annual Report that summarizes these improvements and other developments.  Current and prospective rental homeowners are invited to have a copy by emailing or calling 850-267-7565.