Colten Nelson, a first grader at West DeFuniak Elementary was recognized recently as a big hero by the Walton County Sheriff’s Office. While visiting with his grandparents on Sept. 17, Colten, 6, saved the life of his two-year-old brother, Caleb, who nearly drowned in a family pool. 

While Colten was jumping on a trampoline in his grandparent’s back yard, he noticed that his grandparents were looking for his young brother. Colten also began to look and noticed something floating in the pool, but initially thought it was trash. He then realized that it was not trash, it was his little brother. 

Colten immediately got off of the trampoline, jumped into the water knowing he could not touch the bottom, grabbed his little brother and swam with him to the side of the pool and began to yell for his grandparents. 

The grandparents pulled both boys up out of the water and at that time, Colten's little brother was unresponsive and blue. Caleb was transported to the hospital, stayed overnight and released the next day with a clean bill of health. 

In presenting the award, Sheriff Adkinson praised Colten for his courage and quick action in saving his brother’s life.  Deputy Matt Key, School Resource Deputy at Colten’s school, stated “everyone needs to know that big heroes can come in small sizes.”