It was a night of honors all the way around.

From the coach to the bus driver, supporters and the athletes behind the 1968 Class C State Basketball Championship team that forever put Freeport in the annals of Florida high school history, were honored during a Tip-Off Tournament at Freeport High School last week.

Seven of the players from that championship team that captured the state title 45 years ago with a 25-point victory over Moor Haven were present as well as their Coach Aubrey Rentz.

Still sporting the same haircut from 45 years ago, Rentz said, "They were all good shooters."

Players present were Mac Brown, Carl Burnham, George Schlissler, David Burke, Rodney Jones, Eddie Weidenhaft, Ned Chancey and Jimmy Brown. Also on that winning team but not present were Russell Caudill and David Godwin who has passed away. Godwin was represented by his daughter Paige and grandson David.

Prior to walking out on to the court, the group gathered for photos under a huge banner bearing a photo of them from back in 1968 with their trophy.

The group chatted amongst themselves as they readied for photos.

"Zip 'em if you can," Burnham said as they suited up in the warm-up jackets of the now varsity basketball players at Freeport High.

Today basketball is a little different. In 1968 there was no 3-point shots, however, Rentz said some of the shots they made back then would have been 3-pointers.

"And if we really needed two points we'd take it inside," Burnham said.

After a few photo opportunities, the group filed in behind the band as the crowd welcomed and paid tribute to each player.

Coach Rentz, who was inducted into the Florida High School Athletic Hall of Fame in 2008, was honored first.

Lyndell Davis was recognized as a former principal at Freeport as well as the first-ever basketball coach at the school.

Margaret Stinson Rentz was honored as the cheering sponsor and chaperon of the cheerleaders that went along on that trek to the state championship.

Edwina Burke, who drove the bus for the players to the state game and every game, was also recognized.