“I love introducing people to this area; it is truly a special place,” says Chris Sause of Prudential Real Estate, when asked why he enjoys his job.  “This area has helped shape my life and I love sharing that with others.” 

Sause sees the real estate industry as so much more than just buying and selling. 

“Real estate helps build a community, and communities help shape us,” said Sause.

Born and raised in northeastern Ohio, Sause was three when his family first discovered the Emerald Coast. 

“Growing up Destin was home away from home,” says Sause. “Throughout my life, I have been fortunate enough to visit many beautiful places, but this area has a uniqueness, a specialness, all its own.”     

Oddly enough, it was actually a job promotion, not just his affinity for this area that landed him here full time in 2005.

After graduating from John Carroll University with a B.S. in Business Administration, Sause spent the first ten years of his professional career in the financial industry. During this time much of his focus was dedicated to real estate financing, and as such, he participated in hundreds of real estate related transactions. This knowledge and experience has empowered Sause to provide invaluable prospective and insight to his clients.  

Listen to him speak about living and working in this area and you will hear his passion for this place. 

“This place sells itself, I simply help people find their spot.” 

While cycling with a local group out of Robin’s Bikes and Fitness, Sause met his wife Amanda. 

“She lived in Atlanta and was in Destin visiting her parents. We were both training for upcoming triathlons, and there was just something about her.” 

Four years have passed, they are now married, and have an energetic toddler named Karsten. 

“Sause’s skill and versatility as an agent is demonstrated through his solid sales numbers,” says Royce Mitchell, Broker at Prudential Real Estate.  “Chris’s ability to transition across all market segments has proven an invaluable tool in real estate." 

Mitchell also went on to stress what a tremendous asset Sause is to the office and company as a whole. 

“Chris understands his clients, and prides himself on meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations. We all benefit from his experience and knowledge.”

Chris is very optimistic about the future of the Emerald Coast. 

“I am fortunate to be able to live, work, and raise a family in this special place.”