Dec. 29 -  Jan. 4

30 years ago — 1984

A study by the state Division of Tourism labeled the Florida Panhandle as an emerging area in convention and marketing.


25 years ago — 1989

Tourists in South Walton were wondering about scores of cannonball jellyfish that had washed up on the beaches there.

A meeting was scheduled in South Walton to discuss a recycling center proposed as a pilot program in Blue Mountain Beach.

A 10-year master plan for the South Walton Fire District included two new fire stations and the relocation of the Sandestin station to the Mack Bayou area. The new station sites would be at U.S. 331/Chat Holley Road area and the airport site in Seagrove Beach.


20 years ago — 1993-94

South Walton firefighters did not accept all of management’s proposed contract, including issues such as annual compensation, sick leave, swap time, grievance procedures and compensatory leave.

County Board of Commissioners approved resolution requiring the owner of each parcel of property to pay the non-ad valorem special fee to cover costs of solid waste management services and facilities with the county.

A 16-year-old Walton County resident was found unconscious in a commercial-size dryer at Seaside. Other employees could not tell the reason for his condition, but he became conscious after being removed from dryer.

The Driftwood Estates subdivision may be in line for major improvements, including sewer service and putting in a road to give property owners who do not have access to their lots a means to reach them. Cost to lot owners would be about $80 a month for 20 years.

Months after a controversy surrounded the construction of a dune walkover and pavilion at the Village of White Cliffs, the structure was set ablaze twice.


10 years ago — 2004

Former Walton County Sheriff Quinn McMillian decides to make a grab for the office he lost to Ralph Johnson in the 2000 general election.