Developing the concept for Serendipity Sweets by the Sea, owner Debbie Heard took a trip down memory lane.

"My uncle used to own a frozen yogurt store in Atlanta and I was always going there," Heard said.

When Heard decided to open their own frozen yogurt shop they decided to do one better by adding pies, cakes, breakfast pastries, soda floats and even homemade fudge a family recipe.

"People have come in and commented on how good it smells in here," Heard said. "It smells like my granny's house."

Since opening Dec. 18, Heard said locals and vacationers alike have been really receptive. She hopes Serendipity will become a place for people to visit with their families.

"I hope families come in and leave with a sweet memory of the beach," she said. "It doesn't take much to create a memory."

Serendipity is open until 9 p.m. offering desserts to compliment any meal throughout your day. The milkshakes have been a big hit so far, Heard said.

In the future, Heard said she would like to expand adding pre-packaged salads and cheeses to pack in the cooler and take to the beach.

 The name Serendipity did not derive from the popular New York City restaurant famous for its frozen hot chocolate. Instead, Heard chose the name after browsing the dictionary.

"When I was looking for a name in the dictionary I came across serendipity, which means a delightful surprise. I loved that definition," explained Heard. "I feel like that describes 30A as well. It's a surreal place. When you're here you feel like you're away from the rest of the world."