During the cold, winter weather, it's time to count down to days when you can lay out under the "White Florida Sun."

Bringing warm memories of sunshine, Destin husband and wife duo, Chris and Gileah Taylor, recorded a video for their song "White Florida Sun." The music video was shot locally featuring locations in Destin and South Walton.

On top of recording music, husband Chris works with his family's company, Ocean Reef Real Estate Sales, which is where the idea for the video came about.

"Our friend Richard Olivarez, who works on marketing at Ocean Reef, saw our set and got the idea to do a video for 'White Florida Sun,' " said Gileah. "He wanted to showcase our gorgeous beaches, and we could also use it as a music video."

The video takes place in Miramar and Grayton Beach as well as the harbor in Destin. Gileah even sports a Central Square Records tank top, representing the locally-owned music store in Seaside.

"We had a great time shooting the video," she said. "The weather was perfect, too. But we're spoiled by our gorgeous weather."

As an Emerald Coast native, Gileah wrote the song "White Florida Sun" for her 2005 album, "The Golden Planes," while imagining what it might be like to leave the area.

"The song is written from the perspective of someone who loves this area, but decided to leave," she said. "I have never left the area, so I only imagined what it would be like. Our local beaches and bayous have been the backdrop for our entire lives. The dunes and waves and miles of shoreline make such an impression, don't they? For the sake of the song's narrator, I imagined what it would be like to live somewhere else and recall the Emerald Coast."

Gileah and Chris will be married 11 years this Valentine's Day and have three children, Clara, 8, Mercie, 5, and Timothy, 2. They've been recording music together since 2005. In 2010, Chris and Gileah started collaborating a more formal way. It's a juggling act to balance family life and a music career, Gileah said.

"We both have family in the area both sets of grandparents and Chris has his brother and Gileah has her sister," she said. "Our families pitch in and watch the kids when we need them. We like to call our shows our 'date nights.' "

Since the video released in December 2013, the response has been "amazing," Gileah said.

"Our local friends love seeing our everyday scenery set to music, and our visiting friends are reminded of why they love spending their vacations here," she said.  

LISTENING PARTY: Join Chris and Gileah for a listening party and viewing of the "White Florida Sun" music video, 6 to 9 p.m. Jan. 18 at 9961 Hwy. 30A. For a free download, visit whitefloridasun.com.