I feel like I live in the past and always seem to be trying to catch up with the present, and somewhat  unsure if I can handle the future.

That statement reflects my insecurity with technology.  Computer towers, laptops, iPads, iPhones,  sound bits and bytes, apps, Wi-Fi, never ending passwords… all the terms  that  are not even found in the dictionary because it’s an unknown alien language. For those of us ancients stuck in quill pen and parchment period, I feel extinction close at hand.

I always had trouble with Latin in school, struggled with Spanish, which is supposed to be the easiest language to learn,  and even dabbled in Russian when I was in Army Intelligence. But there is help for those who “are crying in the  wilderness.” 

I have often found it somewhat difficult for computer service people to call me back when I leave a message. Many just don’t, and others call back after so long you don’t want to answer their call out of spite.

Well I tried a new computer technical “doctor” recently and lo and behold he called back within the hour. Not only that, he was at my front door the next day!  Then after a while he had everything my wife and I received for Christmas up and running and even taking time to explain the gemmy-gadgets to us in real language. Then I “ learned” why he was different from the computer herd.

He was an artist. I am an artist. I work in oils and sculpture, he works in photography and computers. The artist in him has a certain compulsion for beauty. He made the electric modes, diodes, bytes and bits move and snap, pop, and crackle into something compatible with this old geezer. He explained to me “why” this miracle was taking place. No one had ever done that before, it was like he was teaching an art course.

As for photography, he was in the big leagues with the professionals but as the picture taking world evolved, he adapted to the Darwin theory of change. He became a specialist in both worlds.

Use him my friends, but not too much, because I’m stingy with personal discoveries.  His name is Mark Adelman, and he owns Computer Works in Santa Rosa Beach. Call 850-687-3161.

Fair winds to ye matey.

Chick Huettel is a long-time Walton County resident, writer and artist. He is a member of a number of local organizations including the Emerald Coast Archeological Society.