One local woman recently discovered a part of the world she had not previously considered placing on her bucket list, but now recommends everyone to add.

Artist Donna Burgess said when a friend invited her to visit South Africa, she was intrigued, although it was a place she had not thought to explore.

Burgess made the trip in November.

"It was the experience of my lifetime," she said. "I loved it. When you think of Africa, you think of desert or a rainforest but it was fabulous. Cape Town started as a British and Dutch colony by people who went there to work, fell in love with it, and stayed. It's not the Africa you think of when you think of Africa."

Burgess stayed in Cape Town and not only saw the sights of that city, but also visited beautiful nearby beaches.

"They weren't as beautiful as ours, but they were beautiful," she says.

As an artist, Burgess was also thrilled to be able to tour a da Vinci exhibit while there, a South African vineyard and winery.

"I have had South African wines, but I had not given them much thought. I discovered that South Africa is not a wine-drinking country. Brandy is their drink. The vineyard we went to had a woman working there hand-labeling every bottle," she said.

Now that she has discovered South Africa, would she go back?

"Absolutely," she says without reservation