With her endless determination and passion for animals, local seventh grade student, Lily Corchis, headed fundraising efforts and donated 100 percent of the proceeds to Alaqua Animal Refuge.

"It is my dream to become a conservationist or one day build an animal shelter like Alaqua's,” said 12-year-old Lily. “Because I am too young to volunteer at Alaqua, I started to raise money so I know I am helping the animals in need."

Lily shared Alaqua’s message of believing that every abused, homeless, and neglected animal should have a second chance with anyone who would listen. She placed donation jars throughout the community and through her efforts she was able to raise and donate $1,000.

Lily’s fundraising goals wouldn’t have been possible without the generous donations from her classmates and teachers at her school, Ohana Institute, in Rosemary Beach. A donation jar was also placed in the Regatta Chiropractic and Laser Center office where Dr. Shawna Hogan matched all donations along with local dental hygienist, Diane Bergey of Dr. Nathan Hall’s office.

Lily and her family presented the check to Alaqua on Christmas Eve and Alaqua couldn’t have asked for a more meaningful gift this holiday season.