CHELCO’s recent service awards celebrated more than 400 years of commitment. A total of 26 awards were given to employees celebrating between five and 35 years of service.

“Although I am relatively new here compared to the people in this room, I know that CHELCO is a great place to work and look forward to the years ahead,” said CHELCO CEO Steve Rhodes.

Thirty-five Years: Brenda Barrow, Marc Hart and Samuel Hobbs

Thirty Years: Pam Finch 

Twenty-five Years: Dan Paul, Eddie Ray Linton, Terri McLelland and Tim Lamica

Twenty Years: Matthew Rushing and Amy Honish

Fifteen Years: Ken Braidwood and Denise McKinion

Ten Years: Kathy Epperson, Rick Jones, Scott Cromartie, Jeff Truett, Chase Weimorts, Matthew Avery and Dennis Phillips