10 a.m. UPDATE: Destin and 30A are pretty much ghost towns this morning. Roads are icy, bridges are blocked, and employees were pondering if they should go to work.

Destin restaurant operator Preston Green writes "Hwy. 98 is rediculous right now. I slid through an intersection and wasn't doing 20 mph. Had to put the truck in 4-wheel drive just to get off the curve. Destin is nuts right now. People need to stay INSIDE unless they absolutely have to go somewhere or until it heats up and this ice melts and thats coming from the one who decided to open Another Broken Egg this morning."

At about 8 a.m., the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office posted: "We are encouraging everyone to stay off area roads as we are receiving numerous reports of traffic accidents due to icy conditions on roads and bridges. Those conditions are expected to continue throughout the morning."

Angel McCurdy with the Northwest Florida Daily News spoked to a representative of Okaloosa County Public Works. They said all roads are iced over and to avoid travel if possible. Sand is not being used, "there's just not enough."

In Walton County, all roads from I-10 to the Alabama state line were closed and only people with emergencies were being allowed to travel. FHP had closed I-10 from mile marker 112 to Pensacola.

While conditions varied by county and town, one thing appeared constant. Almost every vehicle that wasn't garaged is caked in ice this in a state whose residents don't typically have ice scrapers on hand.

"The last time I needed an ice scraper, was 10 years ago and 1,300 miles north of Destin," Greg LaGrasso said.

Complicating matters further, temps weren't expected to rise much above freezing Wednesday. Forecasters suggested that temps would be above freezing sometime after noon for about 2 to 6 hours, leaving residents to wonder if enough ice could melt before temps dove below freezing again.

As of 8:30 a.m., it was 26 degrees in Destin but felt like 12 with the wind chill. A low of 28 was predicted over night for Wednesday.

The prospect of an icy couple days had school officials regrouping to discuss the situation. Is a third snow day, err ice day, in our future? Katie Tammen at the Northwest Florida Daily News reported that "Schools are talking about how to handle tomorrow right now since it doesn't look like the ice is leaving."

William Hatfield