After seven years in business, YOLO Board is reinventing the wheel with The YOLO Bike.

"Originally we wanted to be a lifestyle company," said YOLO co-founder Jeff Archer.

Expanding on the mission of creating fun and fitness for everybody, the company famous for its stand-up paddleboards is embracing a new sport.

"When you think about it, stand-up paddle boarding is kind of like bicycling on the water," Archer said. "Everybody can do it, same with riding a bicycle."

The YOLO Bike will feature several different models. The first to debut in the beginning of March will be the beach cruiser.

"This bike is real dear to us," Archer said. "Eventually we'll expand into specialty models such as a three-speed, fat tire and cross training bikes. We'll be introducing the new models throughout the summer."

Because of the YOLO brand, you can be sure that the bike will be both high quality and high style.

"A beach cruiser in many ways is just a beach cruiser," Archer said. "But the YOLO Bike will have quality with alloy frames and stainless steel spokes and rims."

One of the reasons YOLO Boards have become so popular, Archer explained, is that they are as beautiful as they are functional thanks to original YOLO Board designer, Jake Meyer. Meyer, now based in New York, continues to lead the style team. One bike Archer predicts will be popular is painted sea foam green with a brown leather seat and accents.

Founded on CR 393, YOLO always has its locals in mind when designing and introducing new products.

"Our company really grew because it was embraced by this community," Archer said. "And we're all about building that community."

And since biking is just as much a part of the beach life as the beach itself, the YOLO Bike is a perfect fit.

"It keeps you moving, it keeps you fit," Archer said. "And when you're out on a bike ride on 30A, you're in the moment. It's about creating well-being."