Whether you are coming or going on 30A, you will be able to get your fill at the Donut Hole.

With a new restaurant set to open its doors in the Rosemary Beach area in March, the Donut Hole will sort of bookend County Road 30A with their existing Santa Rosa Beach location on the western end and their new one on the east. The new restaurant will be across the street from Shades Bar and Grill, near the U.S. Highway 98 and 30A intersection. It will have more seating than either of their two other restaurants.

“We thought it would be just a natural progression of our business. That part of town was growing and a lot of people drive in from that area to go to our Santa Rosa Beach location,” said Dana Chandler, who owns the Donut Hole with her husband Brent.

Dana said they had been eyeing the area for 20 years but the property was too expensive. They found a vacant piece of land, and after they purchased it, other developers moved in with plans for shopping, office buildings and even an inn, whose customers would be looking for a good breakfast.

“We’re really blessed,” Chandler said. “There’s a lot of other businesses that are going to pop up around that area because we can all help each other.”

The new restaurant will keep the same menu as the other two locations, but Dana said they were working on some new recipes they might try out first in the new restaurant. She said they were currently working on some new salad choices and making their own vinaigrette, among other items.

And yes, that means their amazing bacon is coming over to the new restaurant.

“It’s one item that we will never change. People talk about the bacon all the time.”

The Chandler’s donut dynasty began with the Destin location in 1978. They added the Santa Rosa Beach location in 1989

 “We’re really excited to be able to serve Northwest Florida from Panama City to Destin, We’re hoping that it’s going to be a fabulous year and we think it will be.”

Northwest Florida Daily News Business Editor Dusty Ricketts contributed to this story.