Press Release:

In response to a call for assistance, a deputy was dispatched on Tuesday, March 11th at 6:28 pm, to 77 East Mack Bayou Road in Santa Rosa Beach.  The caller who resides at the residence listed above, told the Sheriff’s Office that a gray and white pit bull came running up to her vehicle barking and acting in an aggressive manner.  The caller was fearful that if she opened the door, the pit bull would bite her or one of her two children who were in the car with her.  The pit bull diverted his attention to another female who was walking by the residence.  The caller witnessed the pit bull chasing the female walker down the road and heard her screaming.  Witness statements saw the pit bull follow his owner’s vehicle back to his residence prior to the deputy arriving on scene.  The deputy walked to the end of the driveway at 77 East Mack Bayou Road and saw the gray and white pit bull.  The pit bull immediately charged the deputy in an aggressive manner.  The deputy yelled “get back,” but the pit bull continued its charge and lunged towards the deputy.  The deputy fired one shot in self-defense, killing it immediately.

In August 2013, the same pit bull had bitten a small child and the child reportedly had to be taken to Sacred Heart Hospital.