Sandestin Real Estate, a 40-year veteran business in the real estate market in northwest Florida, rebrands to reflect its recent growth. SRE, as it is now called, maintains its dominant presence in Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort while marking its service area from the Destin bridge to the Bay County line and from the beachfront to the bay area.  As part of our response to demand throughout our area and as a step toward future growth and development, Sandestin Real Estate becomes SRE, a licensed real estate brokerage. 

Shannon Williams, director of marketing, said, “There are many strong, well-known companies that have shortened their name to their initials once their presence was established. International Business Machines became IBM, American Telephone and Telegraph Corporation shortened their name to AT&T, Kentucky Fried Chicken is now KFC, and the list goes on.  We feel we have reached this turning point after 40 years and are ready for a rebrand that will grow with us in the years to come.” 

Executive Director of Real Estate, Kitty Whitney, said, “While we are not worldwide like the companies mentioned above, our region-wide presence is growing by leaps and bounds. While we are not telecommunications providers, computer engineers, or restaurant chains, we are real estate professionals with the most experience and knowledge of the area. And while we do not have hundreds of thousands of employees, we do employ the most professional, knowledgeable, and committed Realtors in the industry. Like IBM, AT&T, and KFC, we have selected a new name that reflects our vision and our commitment to the future.”

A veteran SRE sales associate, Karen Hartley Fillingim, said, “We love our Sandestin homeowners.  They are the heart and soul of the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort community and the foundation of our business.  We will continue to be the premier brokerage for both buyers and sellers on the resort, just with a new name and an expanded reach.”

SRE is the only real estate brokerage with offices inside the gates of Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort, and as the exclusive brokerage for Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort’s owners, has first touch to the thousands of visitors who come to the area every year.