Dedicated to making a difference of those in need around the world, Dr. Amber Wiebe, DMD, FAGD visited Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic for five days to provide poverty stricken adults with donated dental care. 

Dr. Wiebe arrived with more than 50 bags of equipment. She was accompanied by nine other dentists from the United States and 15 South American dentists. The group provided services to residents in an area where the majority of people do not have the means for the basic elements of survival such as food, shelter and clothing.

From treating dental disease to providing participants with implants, more than $2 million worth of dentistry services were donated to more than 500 people in just five days. Other services provided to the residents ranged from cleanings and general cavity fillings to root canals, crowns and other extensive procedures.

Work hours were long, sometimes working without a stop more than 12 hours a day. Dr. Wiebe spent five hours on one resident alone to fully extract, prepare, restore and correct his smile. The man was brought to tears when he saw his new smile for the first time, gave her a hug and told her he would never forget her kindness. 

No language barrier could hide the feelings of joy expressed by the hundreds of improved smiles across the Dominican Republic. Upon Dr. Wiebe’s return to the States, she realized that her life was touched and transformed as much, if not more, than those she had sought to help.

“I have time, talent and dental education, which are all positive skills to create beneficial change in others,” said Dr. Wiebe. “I want to share my blessings in whatever form they are and to the level I have been blessed.”